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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

video: deus ex machina: episode 9 - "doomsday (part two of two)" [act 5]


I know I told you all I basically had no interest in Deus Ex Machina anymore and lost faith in the series due to the numerous episode pulls do to music copyright infringement, but I decided to suck it up for those eagerly anticipating the final act and just get it done and out of the way.

I actually managed to land myself in the hospital for a few days after attempting a self-circumcision with a kitchen knife to see what it would feel like to be lacking any foreskin, and it was during my recovery time that I decided to type up the script for act 5 of Deus Ex Machina's series finale. As soon as I got home I began production and managed to get it finished while still leaving plenty of time to resume my regularly scheduled programming.

Word of advice, circumcision is bad, especially self-circumcision. If you're gonna have it done, have a professional mutilate your penis (for no logical or even medical reason).

Without further adieu, I present act 5 of Deus Ex Machina's series finale. You can view it here. Remember to set it to High Quality (the HQ button on the lower bar).