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Friday, September 5, 2008

Video: Final Moments

See the blog post below for details on this new video. Hope you enjoy!

View Now:

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ALSO, the forums are back online.


UPDATE: Many people are saying I copied a machinima called Blackstone, either that or they're saying they did it better than me, I did it better than them... who cares. To be truthful, I hadn't even heard of Blackstone until people compared it to Final Moments. If you must know, I got the idea from watching REC, then it reminded me of the helmet-camera sequence from Halo: CE, and I decided to combine the two with a sort of "cave-exploration" theme from the movie The Descent. So there ya go.

I checked out a bit of Blackstone and it's pretty cool, but let's stop pitting his work against mine. I did my thing, he did his thing, they're both good in their own ways.