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Thursday, September 18, 2008

News: Premiere of new series this week


Rather than release yet another installment of my tutorial, another Arby 'n' the Chief or Act 4 of Deus Ex Machina, what I'd like to do is premiere my new series at the end of this week, one that I've been kicking around for quite some time.

I know I know, "Don't start a new series when you haven't finished Deus yet", or "You haven't made a new Arby in like forever", but in order to stay motivated for my job I gotta go with what my brain feels like doing and not what everyone else wants me to, otherwise the work ends up suffering. I tried writing for Deus this week, then I tried writing for a tutorial part this week, but it didn't work, my heart's just not in it this week for either of those.

Also, after releasing a hit Arby episode like "Wedding", surely you understand that I'd like to save my attempt at TOPPING that episode for when I have another brilliant idea rather than disappoint everybody and piss everyone off with a lame ass rushed idea just because people want me to do an Arby episode regardless of any lack of ideas I have.

That said, allow me to give you a brief run-down of my new series.

It's called "Hard Justice". It's an over-the-top cop drama, a kind of hybrid of Deus Ex Machina and something like It's a Wonderful Live. It's primarily a drama like DEM, but one that doesn't take itself too seriously, yet at times makes indirect references to current political issues.

Bernard Brown is the starring character, an ex-cop who resigns from the police department of Regen City after deciding he doesn't want to be a part of or contribute to the fact that Regen City is slowly becoming a fascist police state. He moves to a new city, the name for which I haven't decided yet, where in a wave of post-invasion paranoia, the inhabitants have been issued "anti-terrorism" suits by the governor of the city, should another Covenant attack ever occur, even though the Covenant now live in harmony with the humans following the events of Halo 3. Despite this, the Covenant are often subject to discrimination and are greatly feared by the city's populus due to propaganda circulated by the city media.

These "anti-terrorism" suits' main function are to monitor all kinds of activity of the wearer, although this is not public knowledge. Each individual suit is I.D. tagged and monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and since most interaction in current everyday life in the city is electronic, all electronic communications through each suit are logged. The police department in co-operation with the city government use this to their advantage.

Bernard makes a living in this new city by doing low-wage dead end jobs to keep himself fed and housed.

After some sort of event involving Bernard taking down a petty criminal using his past police training, he meets with Max Dangerfield and Edward Stryker, two members of an elite unit named E.R.E.C.T. (Eradication of Repulsive Evil and Corruption Team) that works in co-operation with the city's police department. Bernard eventually meets with the head of E.R.E.C.T., Howard Marshall, and over-the-top, gullible and over-dramatic man who offers Bernard a position on the team.

Bernard refuses at first, but eventually realizes that despite the fact that this new city he's in may well be slowly becoming a police state like Regen City is, joining the team would put Bernard in a position where he can still help people to an extent, and also put food on his own table.

He accepts and becomes the third member of E.R.E.C.T., and with the help of Max, an over-confident ex-marine and Edward, a shockingly dim man with a heart of gold and a strange underlying latent genius, together they combat various forms of crime ranging from the ridiculously petty to the horrific, though E.R.E.C.T.'s unpredictable and dramatic chief tends to prioritize them poorly much to Bernard's annoyance, and thus Bernard becomes a bit of a loose cannon.

The majority of the city's horrific crimes originate from a number of crime syndicates, the most infamous of them being a syndicate named Twisted Coercion, composed of a small army and led by a cold calculating criminal mastermind with the help of his right-hand man, a ruthless mercenary and ex-interrogator/torturer.

E.R.E.C.T. answers directly to the governor of the city (who has yet to be named also). Howard, the chief of E.R.E.C.T. is at his beck and call, and Bernard feels that the governor is untrustworthy and that there's something sinister going on behind closed doors on a government level.

"E.R.E.C.T. at your service!"

I really hope you guys get a kick out of this new series and that it becomes successful, I think people will appreciate the more mature nature of the material and the originality, but the series will still contain my signature humor so don't fret.

I've made a new forum for this series for you to discuss it.

By the way, this is all subject to change, nothing's set in stone.